Putting a bow on my 2020 year

Many folks like to take time at the end of the year and reflect back on everything they accomplished during the preceding 12 months, and set the stage for goals they want to accomplish in the coming new year. This isn’t new, but given the global pandemic that was the year 2020, the lists I have seen already have been quite impressive as well. Certifications piling up, new skills, all kinds of things. Most of these lists have been on Twitter but I wanted to use a different approach, mainly becuase my list on Twitter would look something like this:

“_________________________________ Ummmm __________________________ I got nothing.”

That’s right, I didn’t get one certification this year. No classes, no certifications, no new skills (I still can’t code anything to save my life), no new languages. My production of blog posts was down by 70%, and for about 2 months I really avoided most social media interactions.

I got nothing done this year.

Nothing, aka “Not a thing”

My list of books to read is still as large, if not larger. I didn’t start a podcast and thanks to not traveling, my list of backlogged podcasts increased. By all measures this has been a horrible year. Until, that is, you compare it to the year that was 2020. This is why I chose this route to summarize my year in review instead of a tweet.

2020 has been like anything most people can remember. Sure, there are some of the population (read: “older folks”) who might remember the Polio pandemic of the early 1950’s, but that isn’t me. Also, I’m going to posit that almost no one alive can remember living through the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. Even if they could, they way that society is today would make this a pandemic to stand on its own. No need to compare to the routine global pandemics of yore, this is our global pandemic and we need to take credit for surviving it.

Without further ado, my list of what I actually got accomplished this year:

  1. I finished this year with the same employment that I started the year with. There are so many that can’t claim this feat that I feel grateful to post this as my #1 accomplishment.
  2. My dwelling is still the same as it was at this time last year. Again, there are so many that can’t claim this that I also feel grateful to add this to my list.
  3. Everyone that was living in my house at this time last year are still living in my house. Honestly, that number actually went up when my daughter lost her job due to COVID and needed a place to stay. Want to know why my top 2 are what they are, look no further than the example I have living down the hall from me.

That’s it. That’s all I got.

The list of things that I didn’t get done would take up enough space that I would once again become the poster child for a blog post that should be a novel instead. That’s not what this is for however.

I accomplished three things this year, and in a non-global pandemic year, that wouldn’t be a list to celebrate. But this isn’t a normal year. This has been a year unlike no other.

So, during this holiday season that used to include merry making and great parties and catching up with family member from all over, don’t get overwhelmed if your list is more like mine and not like some others. Hell, don’t get depressed if your list doesn’t contain any or all of the things on my list. What can you hang your hat on during these last couple of days of 2020?

You made it far enough to read this. That, my friend, is all I needed from you.