Month: October 2017

I have a weird sense of humor

So a couple of months ago I saw a picture on Twitter of someone who did a “Conference Call Bingo” card and I thought it was pretty funny.  Then I thought about it for a couple of minutes and realized that it had one serious limitation – everyone who used it would have the EXACT same card.  That’s not fun at all.

Enter my weird sense of humor, and some time when I should have been doing productive work stuff but decided this was WAY more important.

I created my own version of Conference Call Bingo using Excel, but with more than the standard 25 entries.  Then I spent way too much time figuring out how I could shuffle and randomize the entries on the card.  Then someone in the office opined that if one subject (conference calls) was good, two different subjects would be even better.

So I spent more time not doing what I’m paid to do and created a second tab for the overnight change windows that seem to stretch on forever.  Then I realized I needed to add some instructions because what started as a funny picture had now evolved in to a multi-step process to entertain yourself.  Enter tab 3 to the document.

Without further ado, I would like to release my waste of time creation to my friends in the Wi-Fi Twittersphere and wish you joyous times during mind-numbing calls.

The one issue that hasn’t been firmly resolved is what to yell on the call that will alert your fellow competitors that you have won the game but won’t tip off the unaware participants (like PM’s) that your purpose of being on the call is not to contribute but to mildly entertain yourself while being bored at your desk.  I will take submissions of what to yell on Twitter, but ultimately that word will be up to the participants to agree on.

In our office the leading contender is “Goat Cheese!”