My Post #TFD19 Roundup

So I like to listen to what people say, and then go ahead and do what I want anyways. One of the things stressed during TFD19 was to not run home and write up a super long post summarizing everything that happened during the event.

This is my post doing just that. Sorry Ken!

Coming from a strictly wireless background I was apprehensive about attending an event that wasn’t wireless focused, so much so I even wrote a post about it that you can read here. What I can tell you is I shouldn’t have been worried, and so much so that I think I enjoyed it more than Mobility Field Day. (OK, maybe not more than, but at least equal to.)

Being able to sit with storage guys and VM guys and DevOps guys and learn from them showed me the other side of the technology street that I don’t think is possible in events not like this. Wireless guys go to wireless conferences, VM guys go to VM conferences and I’m still not sure where the DevOps guys go, but I’m sure someone will quickly correct me on that!  (Update – Ken Nalbone let me know in less than 20 minutes that “DevOps folks like to attend a #devopsdays conference near them.”  Thanks Ken, I guess you got the last dig!)

My point? I learned just as much from the other delegates as I learned from the presenters.  Presenters will always hype up what they are strong at, gloss over what they are weak at, and TFD delegates should always feel like they can call them on it.  It was the conversations that was had after the presentations where I could bother the other delegates and ask them what they meant by the comment or question they asked about earlier in the day where I really got to learn; where the rubber meets the road, per se.

Presenters don’t have the time, nor inclination sometimes, to go in depth on these subjects and seeing as we are in this together, the delegates don’t have the time to dig as deep as they want.  Turns out, over dinner and drinks, I got to dig much deeper.  I mentioned numerous times that if Gestalt IT invited me to “Paint Drying Field Day” I would attend simply because they allow me to interact with amazing companies and even more amazing people.  Turns out I really enjoy interacting with people that are just as dedicated to their craft as I am to mine.  Good things happen when people like that come together.Weak People

Speaking of people, I think a couple of us defined the overarching theme of the week.  Others might disagree, but seeing as I was in on it, I think it’s accurate.  From almost every vendor we saw, the theme seemed to be around people, and not people in the best light.  People making mistakes, people wasting their time doing routine tasks, just people in general.  It’s something that I have known for a while now, but my time at TFD19 really drove it home. Even that tweet above drives home the fact that people are fallible.  Adam missed a comma that I thought should be there, and based on how I read it, called out the people involved in #TFD19 as the weakest link.  We gave Adam some grief over that.  To be fair, I mistyped a tweet as well.  Weakest link? People.  But anyways.

Times are changing.

My co-workers who cut their teeth on X25 don’t do that any longer.  People like me that worked with radios that had coil and capacitor low pass filters on the circuit board don’t see that any longer.  It’s fine to reminisce about the past, on the things we used to do, but technology, and the technological world aren’t waiting around for us while we do it.  Just like the advances that took us from punch cards to the transistors to integrated circuits, there are advances us that are taking us from basic programming languages to where we are today.  The banner picture at the top was taken at the Computer History Museum showing the evolution of programming languages.  I knew there was a lot but dang!

My main takeaway from #TFD19?  Technology evolves faster than people.  The question you need to ask yourself is are you ready to evolve with it?

Don’t worry, I will have more in depth write ups about what I saw and learned at #TFD19 later but I wanted to get my overall impressions out there first.  That and to get one last dig at Ken!



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