Ekahau Stuff

So I wrote a blog post about how much I like Ekahau; the company, the people, the products, pretty much everything.  I gushed over them and generally made a spectacle of myself.  I often time reference a lot of what they do, from software to products to training, and figured I really needed a place to hold all of those links.

This is my list of all the cool Ekahau products and the links to reach them.


Ekahau Connect

Ekahau Capture – The application you need to run Ekahau Capture

Ekahau University

Ekahau User Voice

Ekahau Custom Reporting

Introduction to Ekahau Reporting

Ekahau Wi-Fi Blog – Custom Report Template Round-Up

Blog by Nick Turner

Brian Long WLPC US 2018

Nick Turner WLPC EU 2017

Links to sample reports and template repositories