Jim Field Day

During Tech Field Day 19, our tech herder Ken Nalbone ended up ending the week using the term “Ken Field Day.”  It went so far as he actually bought the domain kenfieldday.com. During that and a lot of other discussions that happen during a Tech Field Day event, I bring you “Jim Field Day.”  My participation in this event was described by all the other delegates as “an experience” and this is a continuation of that experience.

JFD is a list is my random collection of all the strange and funny video clips that people always say “hey, you need to watch this!”  Much like most of my blog, this is a way to collect the video link so if you are ever looking for that strange video, it might be in the list.  If you find a link that doesn’t work, let me know so I can fix it or remove it.  Enjoy the time waste that is Jim Field Day!

Video  –  Contribution Source

Beached WhaleAlastaire Cook

Mercedes AA Class – Fast Jimmy P

7 Red LinesKen Nalbone

The Gunfighter – Michael Keele (language, violence)

The Website is DownScott Driver

Breaking into a Bank with WhiskeyScott Driver

A Conference Call in Real Life – Fast Jimmy P

The Worst Wi-Fi Password EverMo Williams