My name is Jim Palmer.  I currently reside in the greater Denver, Colorado metro area and recently left an undisclosed airport that I can now reveal was Denver International Airport.  I left there to go work for CommScope on the Ruckus Wireless products with a title so long I never bother writing it.

I have 25 years of radio experience, majority of that in 2 way radios and most recently in Wi-Fi.  I have a FCC General Radio Telephone Operators License GROL (used to be a first class radio licenses) as well as a General Class Amateur Radio License.  I also hold CWNA, CWAP, CWSP, CWDP, and CWNE #304 certifications from CWNP.  I was a Tech Field Day delegate at #MFD3 and at #TFD19, and finally, Ekahau Master #31.

If you read something in a blog that you want to comment on, or disagree with me, please comment on the blog or contact me directly.  I know I don’t have the exclusive rights on good ideas, I am wrong all the time.  Just ask my wife.  If you present a good argument, I am all on board.  If you present a great argument, I have no problem admitting I’m wrong, changing my mind, and then stealing your idea!  Just kidding, I’ll give you credit for your idea but I am always open to new ideas.  I’m on Twitter, and that’s the fastest way to find me @WirelessJimP.

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